Friday, November 5, 2010

NIK Software Bundle Purchase

So, you read a professionals blog (David Ziser's) and you decide after hours of searching that you will spend your dollars on some genuine professional level software because you can get a discount of 25% from the bundle.

You then login to said website and after the coupon code you only have to pay $239.96USD.

Fantastic you say! So you proceed to checkout, yep, enter details. Great they have paypal support so you enter valid shipping details, login to paypal, proceed with request and all looks good.

Well, things change from there. NIK says I have to use the local distributer. Thats ok I say and I enter the site, enter my information then try to use the coupon code and BAM! Code not enabled!

No matter how hard I try I cannot get the discount I am after to get the price down to what I am willing to pay.

I will send an email to NIK and hope this can be rectified as I believe a coupon code should be International and not restricted. If it is restricted these companies need to inform us decision makers that hey, you can 25% off with this code, but only if you are in the US.

This post sounds negative to NIK and it's not supposed to be, it's supposed to highlight the International world and how things need to be clear to a purchaser so that the seller does not frustrate or loose a sale to a potential customer.

I look forward to what NIK Software have to say.


Wayne Mather said...

Carol from Nik responded and it looks like the following are true:

- Coupon Codes not valid at Australian store
- Credit Payment for electronic purchase on the Nik Site

I thank Carol for her informed email and now look forward to the purchase :)

Wayne Mather said...

Well, I should have posted an update saying the purchase was successfull, but Nik have activation issues for HDR & Viveza under Windows Server 2008 R2 :(

Besides this, I am very happy with the purchase of these tools!