Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Windows 8 RTM - Automatic start from hibernate

Well, I use hibernate on my Windows 8 machine and have noticed at 12:54 every day the machine is turning itself on without my consent :(

  1.  Open a command prompt with adminstrative priveledges
  2. Run: powercfg /waketimers
  3. Verified there is a scheduled task called mcupdate_scheduled
  4. Open task scheduler 
  5. Navigate to Task Scheduler Library\Microsoft\Windows\Media Center
  6. Right click and select Properties on mcupdate_scheduled 
  7. Click Conditions tab
  8. Microsoft has set the flag for Wake the computer to run this task
  9. Unticked the Wake the computer to run this task
  10. Click Ok
  11. Re-run powercfg /waketimers
  12. Verified no other tasks set to wake this machine up without my control.....
Hopefully this little gremlin is resolved......

Now, it maybe due to my machine being an upgraded Windows 7 x64 Ultimate to Windows 8 x64 Pro RTM. Will have to check this on a fresh install as well.

Hope this helps anyone else uses hibernation during the day.

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