Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lightroom On Multiple Computers?

So I have Lightroom on a couple of computers with a RAID 6 based server and I have been struggling on how to synchronise everything to make my life easier between machines.

I started using robocopy /mir and found this strategy good because it duplicated everything but was a real issue in ensuring changes replicated as I stored both the catalog and the photos on the same disk.

After some decisions I have now moved my photos to the \\server\share and the catalog is tracked via subversion! This makes everything so much easier between machines.

What I have done is created a repository that holds the Lightroom catalog. I have added an exception to not include the preview files as subversion has some issues with them. I also added a couple of batch files that can backup and restore the lightroom preview files to the \\server\share location.

Now my steps are as follows:
  1. Update subversion
  2. Run update batch file to bring in new preview files
  3. Run Lightroom
  4. Import pictures
  5. Move images between local drive import and shared file share
  6. Make any required changes
  7. Exit lightroom
  8. Commit catalog
  9. Run batch file to backup the Lightroom preview files to the \\server\share file
  10. That's it!
I have been using this for a week now and I have found this to be robust and reliable without any catalog corruptions.

How do you manage your Lightroom catalog across multiple machines without resorting to carrying around an external hard drive?


Wayne Mather said...

After using this for several weeks I have not had any issues. I do have a batch file to use robocopy to get the image previews copied between machines.

This just saves Lightroom having to regenerate on every machine

Wayne Mather said...

This method is still working successfully for me. I just don't sync the previews now as I just let Lightroom handle those locally.