Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Agile Data Warehousing

I have had the chance to play with Wherescape RED, I have to say it makes building Data Warehouses a lot faster and a lot simpler!

If you are looking for a product to make your data warehouse creation time shorter as well as fully documented, then do not look past Wherescape RED.

One project took over 8 months to build a data warehouse, with Wherescape RED I built a Data Mart in 3 days!
  • Ability to create staging tables with transformations by simple drag-n-drop and double-click capabilities. 
  • Creation of slowly changing dimensions is a simple drag-n-drop followed by a wizard answering questions.
  • Building fact tables is again, a drag-n-drop operation including adding the dimensions to build your star schemas
  • It even has the ability to publish the SSAS cubes
  • All this with documentation including data flow diagrams!
It should be noted that I am a Kimball fan, and Wherescape RED adopts the Inmon  approach.

I look forward to understanding this software deeper to empower me in my deliverable.

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