Thursday, September 15, 2011

Windows 8 Client & Server - First Thoughts

Well, I am not a fan of metro on the PC. Looks great for tablets but I will reserve UI judgment until the BETA/RC versions ship.

I really don't like the server version at all but after doing some registry hacks to turn the metro feature off, I find the new versions to actually perform faster than their parents.

Of course I am running these in VMWare Workstation v8.0.

ISO and VHD/VHDX mounting does exactly what you expect as long as:
  1. VHD's are partitioned & formatted AND
  2. Drive letter allocated when formatting
I really liked the fact the double-clicking a VHD/VHDX automatically mounted the filesystem for you.

What has not been thought about, is right clicking the same media DOES NOT give you an unmount option. For that you need to right click the drive. Not an issue but all other software allows this functionality so you would think Microsoft will copy at some stage.

Well this is my first take on this OS and although I don't like Metro, the speed and refinements over Win 7 do look like a great service pack!

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